Better-World.dk is owned by Jan Kjær; a Danish journalist, travel consultant, photographer and development specialist. 

Before returning to Europe I lived in Africa for six years and have done journalistic work involving the continent for more than 25 years.  

Now in Denmark, my experience and expertise have led to communication work and consulting for A.O., the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NGOs like MS/ActionAid Denmark, Danish Peoples Aid, Save the Children Denmark, IRCT and Danish Red Cross. 

As well as leading a communications team for EU- humanitarian operations in Tanzania, in 2015; carrying out capacity assessments of International Media Support for Danida in 2012. 

From June 2007 to November 2018, I served as the chairman of Globalnyt,, the Danish news site that focuses on developing countries. 

Prior to “Globalnyt”, between 2009-2016, I acted as chairman of The Nairobi Club, the Danish network group of media professionals with development countries as their scope. 

In 2010 my expertise as travel consultant gave me the opportunity of writing the leading Danish travel guidebook on Budapest and Hungary. 

Traversing the globe as a consultant has taught me the following languages: English, German, French, quite a lot of Swahili and of course Danish, my mother tongue. 

Updated News

Capacity building in Kabul March 2019

Working for the organization DACAAR January to October 2019.

Reporting from refugee crisis in Jordan 2018 and Lebanon and Iraq 2016.

Presenting “Reports for the vulnerabe” for the 3F seniorklub in Glostrup Sepetmber 2018.

Finished the book “Syv fantastiske folkehjælpere” in 2017.

Reporting from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda 2017.

Reporting from Nepali earthquakes 2015 for major Danish Daily Ekstra Bladet.

Consulting for EU delegation to Tanzania January – March 2015.

Writing articles and taking photos from Kenya for Novo Nordisk June- July 2015.

Visited Philippines, Tunesia and East Africa in 2014 writing articles & shooting pictures of development activities.